Plant and Grow a Vibrant Youth Ministry

Plant and Grow a Vibrant Youth Ministry

Hi friends in ministry. This new book is written for new youth ministers, youth ministers moving to a new parish, and youth leaders and volunteers desiring to understand what lies beneath the surface of youth ministry. I write it because I recall being a new youth minister, and while my deepest desire was to help the youth, I had no idea about navigating staff, budgeting, planning, recruiting volunteers and overall organization.
I encourage you to order your copy today for deep insights into starting and growing a vibrant youth ministry. If you know a youth minister get them a copy. Many blessings to you and your ministry!
 Here’s some feedback…

Joyce Guris*, recipient of
NCEA Religious Educational Excellence Award, recommends 
Cultivating Faith

“A must read for new youth ministers and youth ministers transitioning to a new parish community. Steve’s insights into role clarification and expectations are critical factors in becoming a successful youth minister and avoiding unnecessary stress. His shared real-life examples are thought provoking and will help you to be proactive instead of reactive.

The suggestions for “Growing your Ministry,” emphasizing relational ministry within the scope of total youth ministry provides essential and valuable information to new youth ministers. Thank you Steve, for your wisdom and honesty. You are a blessing to the young Church and colleagues in ministry!” 

Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry
Transfiguration Catholic Church, Marietta, Georgia

Cultivating Faith is proudly published by Visual Dynamics Publishing.

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