What’s Missing From Your Classroom?

missingHave you ever felt like something was missing from your classroom? I do not mean the statue of Mary or a bag of treats! If we take some time to evaluate our sessions from start to finish there may be a few areas in need of attention. Sometimes finding what’s missing can be solved with a few ideas.

Let’s walk through the typical session. Is your environment inviting? Do you have music playing and something ready for students to do when they arrive? Is your lesson fully planned so that you move seamlessly through your activities? Do you understand the content and goals? Is there a sense of spirituality in your sessions? Is a variety of prayer opportunities offered? Are the sessions Christocentric? Are there examples of how this content has affected your life? Are you implementing engaging technology? Do you appeal to a variety of learning styles? Are the liturgical seasons highlighted when appropriate? Are you building trust and fostering strong relationships with students and parents? Is communication with the parents clear and consistent? Sometimes we find what is missing is an idea, an activity, or even something we may need to learn!

Complete the survey reflection questions below to help identify what you may be missing.

Question 1

What's your greatest area of need for Catechist Development? (check all that apply)

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Question 2

What's your greatest area of need for Methodology? (check all that apply)

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Based on your areas of need use the search function on this blog for answers. Also, I’ll be adding posts to address the most popular responses as we move forward.

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