Transforming Catechesis for the 21st Century

transforming catechesis

As a catechist have you ever been in class and thought, “This is boring!”? If YOU think it’s boring, what do you think the students are thinking? OR, have you ever thought, “There HAS to be a better way!” “There has to be a way to TRANSFORM my class!”

One goal of is to improve the way we do things as catechists. Methodology, or how we do what we do, can usually be much more effective by looking at the roles of ourselves as a catechist and the roles of learners today.

In an attempt to transform catechesis as a catechist we may ask ourselves these questions: What developments in academic education lend themselves to instruction so that I may become more effective in my role? Is my expectation that children learn the three points from today’s lesson, the terminology, and I am done? Or, is there a way I can structure learning activities so that children are engaged and active participants actually leading the discovery in the classroom?

A second goal of the site in an attempt to transform catechesis for the learner is to positively effect the learner’s experience during the session. Does the child understand the topic and have application within the context of their own life? Did the child encounter approaches to learning that align with their own learning style(s)? Does the child have opportunities to go beyond a set of points and terms to explore the topic in his or her own way?

We educate the whole child; head, heart, and hands, so that they not only recall information but know how to apply it within the context of their own lives. That is effective and transforming catechesis!  We transform the way we do things so that the learner will become transformed in the process. Let me ask you; How have you struggled as a catechist when it come to instruction?  Have you seen the need for transforming catechesis for you, your class, or your students? If so, in what ways? Please share your thoughts below!

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