Life Changes

life changesThis summer has brought many changes to my weekly schedule. That’s typically the case as my kids are home from school, my work travel mostly subsides, and we seem to have a bit more family time, which is welcomed and appreciated. But more so than usual, I have experienced change through launching my new game and helping a friend develop a blog focused on everyday stewardship. What would normally be considered “free time” has been invested in some very worthwhile initiatives leading to life changes!



My game, FeastDay! The Liturgical Year Board Game, is in play test phase. I have been loaning the game for free play – taking suggestions for everything from appearance to content to the fun factor! I will consider the feedback before making final edits prior to publication. I must say the feedback has been mostly positive and constructive; that is very encouraging. I have also submitted the game for imprimatur. That’s the Catholic seal of approval that the content is free from doctrinal and moral error. It assures the faithful that the game has been reviewed and is considered consistent with Catholic teaching. My goal is to send the final files September 1st with delivery in November in plenty of time for Christmas!

The Main Thing Blog

For Christians, growing in discipleship is a lifelong effort. Disciples strive to live as good stewards in all areas of their lives. The Main Thing Blog is designed to assist the faithful in their goals by helping to form mature disciples and everyday stewards. After all, Jesus is the main thing and the blog helps us to stay grounded through inspiring and practical messages. If you have not yet seen it, check it out! My role is to contribute as one of three guest authors, along with the blog’s founder Tracy Earl Welliver. Following his blog is a wonderful way to appreciate what God has given and reflect on different ways growing, living, and sharing what we have been blessed with.

Change Happens

All of this said I have been out of my normal weekly sequence of posts on my own blog Transforming Catechesis. As a catechist, I believe it’s important to change: to stretch and grow in new ways as a sort of restoring and refreshing. These activities – while not the usual suspects – have allowed me to do just that! I should be back to my weekly posts in the near future as I settle in to my normal life flow.

Thank you for being a faithful follower of Transforming Catechesis! In spite of a few less posts over the summer, this blog has continued to grow in readership. That’s a real testimony to an intentional effort to grow in the Lord and the ministries in which we have all been called.

As we continue to focus on the main thing, let us remain connected to Christ and the Church through each and every day of the Church year! As Hugh Prather, American author put it, “Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.”

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