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(This is one of a two-part reflection on Catholic Identity. The Seven “C”s of Catholic Identity, looks at the development of Catholicism identifying the specific aspects of humanity that make us who…

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Glazed eyes. Slouching. Daydreaming. Lack of responsiveness. Sound familiar? Let’s hope not, because these are signs of a catechetical coma! In today’s educational landscape learners have the ability and need to become collaborative…

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If you’ve ever seen, taught, or raised toddlers then you know how difficult the idea of sharing can be! From the child’s favorite toy to a new gift, allowing others…

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For years I’ve heard of blogs and even read a few from time to time. Many were informative (usually about something I wasn’t passionate about), but seemed to be expressive outlets for…

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Welcome to Transforming Catechesis! This site is devoted to helping catechists – and anyone desiring to share the faith – find fresh and effective ways of reaching people with the Good…

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