Should I Be A Catechist?

Should I be a Catechist?It all started with a faith conversion. I was agnostic, met a Catholic girl and started dating, got engaged and began attending RCIA sessions. What I found was the unconditional acceptance and love of a God who chose me. I found forgiveness and a lot of answers to old and new questions. When I came into the fullness of the Roman Catholic faith on Easter of 1992, I simply wanted to share with others what I had found. I had to ask the question, “should I be a catechist?”

Maybe you are already a catechist or considering it. Or, maybe you have a friend who has given it some thought but hasn’t yet taken the plunge. Wherever you are on the spectrum it is sometimes good to reflect upon your baptismal calling to be a catechist. What it means and what the implications are. Take a moment to reflect on the following simple questions and ponder your answers.

Do I love God?

Do I love the Catholic faith?

Do I love children (or teens, or people in general)?

Do I know my own personal journey of faith and can I talk about it?

Am I willing to share my self and my faith?

Am I able to invest time in planning my lessons?

Will I communicate with parents?

Can I take direction from parish catechetical leaders?

Am I willing to attend sessions/conferences for catechist certification?

Am I willing to learn new approaches and techniques to become more effective?

So, should you be a catechist?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then you should be a catechist! If you already ARE a catechist, then congratulations — and thank you! If you are NOT already a catechist, then contact your parish director or coordinator of faith formation or religious education immediately! Tell them Steve at sent you!

If you answered no to any of the questions perhaps sharing your faith in this capacity is not for you. Or, maybe it’s time to get some answers to your own questions!

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