Are You Convinced? The Power of Choice

are you convincedAsking “are you convinced” is something we usually only think about when trying to make choices about purchases, life changes, big decisions. You know, “is this the right thing I am supposed to purchase/do?” The problem with only focusing on the obvious decisions is that it reduces the less obvious choices in life to unimportant, when in fact, they may be the areas we need to consider the most!


Being convinced about all areas of our life is important because it means we are certain about the decisions we have made. Being certain does not mean we have all the answers, but that we are at peace with them because we know we are fully committed to them. Proceeding in life without fully being committed can be dangerous as we may not make the best decisions going forward.

Becoming convinced also means that we not try to go it alone. We need the support of those with whom we trust and we need to evaluate in light of what God’s will is for us in our life. Usually, this takes time, prayer, and discernment. At this point, it may be helpful to contextualize the question, “Are You Convinced?”


Are you convinced begs the question “about what?” Take a quick inventory of your life by making a list of three areas: Personal, Vocation, and Faith Life. Start by adding important roles of your personal life without thinking too much about them. Next, list the significant aspects of your job or role in the family (vocation). Finally, give your faith some serious consideration and list what you feel is important about it. You should have several entries under each column.

Examples (yours may be different)

Personal Vocation Faith Life
Husband/Wife Professional Child of God
Father/Mother Catechist Practicing Catholic
Son/Daughter Volunteer Faith



Next, ask yourself the following questions about each entry. Be honest with yourself and think critically about each area:

  • If you are not convinced that you are satisfied, then identify why not. What is lacking? What can you do to fill the void? What do you need from others? What do you need from yourself?
  • If you are convinced, then what are the reasons why? What about this has convinced you? What is someone else doing to make you feel fulfilled? What are your strengths or successes?
  • If you are truly convinced, what are the implications of being convinced? If you are satisfied with your position or belief, what might you do to help someone else become convinced? What might God be calling you to that you are not yet doing?


Asking yourself “Are You Convinced” about all life areas can be the catalyst for transformation in your life and in the life for others. It can lead to fulfillment, productivity, confidnce and growth. It’s never too late to prepare for the Risen Jesus who was truly convinced of the roles in his life. Are you convinced?


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