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This blog is devoted to helping catechists, parish, and school catechetical leaders become more effective in their roles in the field of catechesis, thus leading to deeper student leaning and becoming better disciples of Christ. It is designed so that you may find great ideas for transforming catechesis!

transforming catechesis treeWhat will you find here?

Transformingcatechesis.com explores current trends and strategies in the academic setting of education and repurposes them for the field of catechesis. All areas of catechesis are addressed, including digital catechesis, getting parents involved, connecting with the church year, methodologies and more!

About me…

Since converting to the Catholic Church in 1992, I have shared my faith. I’m not only on a mission for the Church but to help others find what I did: a God who loves them, no matter what!

In order to share my faith in a way that matched my interests, I served in a wide range of parish education and ministries. I was a middle and high school parish youth minister, music minister, student music ministry director, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) sponsor, confirmation sponsor, and with my wife serve as a marriage sponsor couple. That’s a lot!

I currently volunteer as teen mentor, eucharistic minister, catechist, and musician in the church choir. I am also helping to start a tween ministry at my parish church! (any suggestions?) :-)

Yes, my education, various ministry experience, and 20+ years in adolescent and elementary catechesis has enabled me to share the gospel message in a variety of ways. Along the way I seem to always ask, “Is there a more effective way of doing this?” A while back I decided to seek higher education to validate my practical catechetical experience. I worked diligently and earned a Master of Religious Education degree at  Loyola Institute for Ministry (LIM), New Orleans. The education combined with my experience reignited my spiritual life and provided a solid theological foundation which gave me the tools to begin to help others by looking at challenges in the field of religious education and catechetics in new ways.

All of this said, my personal goal is to help people make sense of their faith and live it more vibrantly and intentionally so they might share it with others! Thank you for taking time to join me and share your ideas on Transforming Catechesis!



Steve Botsford

Steve Botsford, MRE, MBA

Transforming Catechesis

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